Our Services

Williams LEC Ltd are available for domestic, industrial and commercial projects. We offer a wide range of services for our clients across England including:


•  CCTV Systems

•  Fire and Security Systems

•  Networking

•  Bespoke Software and Control Panels

•  Domestic Installations

•  Industrial Installations

•  Commercial Installations

•  Control and Automation

•  24/7 Call Out


Our qualified electricians are also skilled in designing systems such as emergency stop circuits, industrial alarm systems, control circuits and panels. Our employees also have strong experience in electrical and mechanical maintenance on recycling plants, quarries and large industrial plants. We supply and provide any equipment and materials if and when required, all of which being in good working condition with all of the correct safety measures in place to provide a high standard, risk free service that our clients can happily rely on.

Office Telephone: 01623 557076

Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your electrical requirements.